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Logistic Software

The backbone of any organization includes logistics system that supports the employee’s ability to perform their daily tasks. It is key that your logistics software is as reliable as your team and can support the entire set of tasks your team needs to perform on a daily basis. The JCTS Group specializes in developing software to increase the efficiency of your entire organization. As leading systems integrators we can break down stove pipe processes and combine them into one unified system. Our experienced business process analyst can perform a thorough assessment of your organization’s processes and recommend a solution that best fits your needs. Using bleeding edge technology, we can develop a robust and reliable system for your organization. “Your logistics mission is our number one priority”.

Mobile Development

The JCTS Group has the ability to develop robust and secure mobile applications to enable your organization to be able to complete task without being stuck to their desk. With the vast incline in mobile devices The JCTS Group can ensure your organization continue its competitive advantage by enabling your organization to complete it task while not in the office. We can build hybrid applications as well as native applications. The JCTS Group will ensure all data is secure on your device using the FIPS 140-2 standard for data encryption. We can also integrate with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to help with the management and control of all of your organizations mobile devices. If a mobile application is not the right need for your organization we can also develop responsive sites that adjust your organizations web sites for optimal performance on mobile devices.

Training Software

An organization’s effectiveness is likely directly related to how well its employees are trained at the jobs they’re performing. The JCTS Group will develop a training solution that will give your organization’s employees the ability to maintain proficiency in their current positions as they remain abreast of innovations and new technologies. Our training solutions
will give content developers the ability to develop content in various formats to be hosted on a secure server.
Additionally, our content developers will also be able to add various media options to enhance training content.  We also understand the importance of tracking your organization’s training progress in real-time.  Our team will develop robust reports to keep all management personnel informed regarding the achievement of training metrics.  “Your training mission is our number one priority”.

Education Software

Our education subject matter experts are well versed in the various learning modalities and they will bring over 40 years experience in education as teachers and administrators to our team. Our education experts will work very closely with our software development team to identify your organization’s needs by using computer-based instructional tools that “best fit” your needs. We will ensure that your organization is made aware of the latest technologies available that will satisfy your educational needs. As a leading systems integrator, we can develop a robust and seamless solution to enable students to learn and be accessed in a more effective and efficient manner. “Your education mission is our number one priority”.